A Northern California native, Talla moved to San Francisco in 1997 to study design at the California College of Arts.

After spending a few years in small design studios, Talla made the move to textiles when creating prints for a clothing company's spring 2003 line. "I fell in love with the process... and in the meantime began dreaming and drawing the first Talla line."

"I'm obsessed with pattern and repetition found in nature". Talla always seems to have her camera with her. Whether its a flower or a leaf, she sees their beautiful forms and translates them into patterns and graphics. Her passion for folk art motifs, especially ones from from her parents' homeland of Ukraine, is very present in her line. The simple imagery speak of life and's really beautiful.

Talla's line of T-shirts, accessories and home wares are all made with hand-printed fabrics of her original and unique designs. They reflect her passion for vibrant color, modern design and the beauty and simplicity found in nature. "My prints and accessories have a little twist to them, a little humor. But at the same time are really wearable and usable pieces."

As principal designer for her namesake company, Talla is continually expanding her line. In 2005, Talla will introduce a full collection of clothing and accessories, including jackets, skirts and beautifully hand-printed and embroidered tops. Talla's simple, yet sophisticated line is growing and will continue to inspire us with her lovely images of life and love.